Business Ethics

Exploring a New Synthesis: Business Ethics & Diversity
by Paula Penn-Nabrit
156 pages Paperback

Exploring a New Synthesis: Business Ethics & Diversity

Many argue that today’s society not only lacks an ethical reference base, but also actually consider ethical and moral behavior passé. Ethical values appear to be losing ground to the new paradigm–economic gain at any price.

Are ethics and morality, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder?  Exactly how do issues of race, color, ethnicity and gender impact ethical interplay? Can ethical behavior coexist with spirituality in matters of economics and business?  Author, Paula Penn-Nabrit, J.D., provides scholarly commentary on these and other concerns in this work subtitled, An African-American Female Perspective in Essays & Cases.  Her essays establish frameworks for considering and analyzing a wide range of ethical and diversity focused business issues. Using the Hegelian dialectic modelthe author leads readers through the process of examining thesis, antithesis and ultimately reaching synthesis. Rather than limiting the process to intellectual exercises, there are follow-on case studies that greatly facilitate the practical, real-world applications of those analyses.

The seven essays comprising Part 1 include:

  • The Ethical Challenge of Cultural Diversity in Organizations
    [The Myth of Meritocracy]
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    [The Ethical Dilemma of the 3rd Party Observer]

  • The Impact of Color on International Business and Public Service Ethics
    [The Global Phenomenon of Herrenvolk]

  • The Ethical Responsibilities of Economic Actors in the Making of Cities… Development without Displacement
    [A “Holiness” Perspective]

  • The Declining Value of Quantitative Analysis
    [Another Look at Affirmative Action]

  • Business Law, Business Ethics & Diversity
    [Exploring the Synthesis]

  • The Significance of Intent in Declaring a Violation of IRC 482
    [An Examination of the Ethical Issues of U.S. Transfer Tax]

The eight case studies comprising Part 2 include:

  • How Good Does Your English Have to Be?
  • The Senior Staff: Who Belongs Here?

  • The College Career Center: Is It Working for Everyone?

  • The Board: What Do We Do Now?

  • A Minor Invasion of Privacy for the Public Good
    When Doing Good Does Harm: Public Policy, Ethics & the Law

  • The Probation & Parole Challenge: Striking a Balance between Conflicting Values

  • May I Help You? Diversity Challenges Looming in the Provision of Customer Service

  • Looking at the ADA: What’s Reasonable