Power of a Virtuous Woman

The Power of a Virtuous Woman
by Paula Penn-Nabrit

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Everybody knows about Proverbs 31. But who knew it was all Solomon’s notes from his mother Bathsheba’s oracle? Or that the first nine verses were about his conduct?! Okay, Bible scholars knew, but The Power of a Virtuous Woman isn’t for scholars, it’s for regular, everyday Sisters.

The Power of a Virtuous Woman examines Proverbs 31 from beginning to end with hard questions along the way. Like how did David’s relationship with Bathsheba affect her relationship with their son Solomon? And exactly how did Bathsheba get Solomon to listen to her when he was already a grown man-what about boundaries?

The Power of a Virtuous Woman explores ancient conversations about gender, power, submission, obedience and sacrifice. Questions at the end of each chapter beg for answers and analysis-and may elicit anger. Is it okay to have those conversations in the 21st century or are those inquires just too dangerous for women?